Wat Hong Thong Bangkok – Unique temple on the water

If you read my blog for a while, you might notice that I love finding secret spots! I do not like crowded and over touristic places and if you do not as well and if you look for something particular – you are in the right place. I am glad we’ve found each other!

Wat Hong Thong (Wat Klang Na) is one of the most incredible Temples I have ever been. It is unlike all the other touristic busy and crowded places. It is unique and there are not many places like this in Thailand.

Apart from a couple of monks, 5-6 prayers and only 4 other visitors and a few cats, there were not many other people around. There is not much information about it online, so it took time to gather some information and put it together.

This place is an absolute gem. It is a divine escape from a busy city of Bangkok and it definitely worth a visit.

Do not tell about this temple to anyone! :)

The lookouts from the top of the temple are just incredible. You can go upstairs to the rooftop of the temple, watch endless water views, have some sun with a bit of a breeze and enjoy delicate sounds of little bronze bells. All these contribute to a very relaxing meditative atmosphere. It is a place of power, where you can relax and recharge your mind and body (if I can say so).

This site is located in a remote Chachoengsao province, within about one and a half hours away from Bangkok city by car towards Pattaya (with a moderate traffic).

The temple is built on the water, and it is connected to the mainland by a narrow wooden walkway with hundreds of singing bells. During high tide it looks like the construction is floating on the water.

What also makes it so unique – is the world’s first Arhats’ relict hosted on the sea.

Visitors are allowed on all 3 levels of the temple. On the second floor, you can see a particular emerald Buddha. Wall and ceiling paintings illustrate Buddha’s life.

Prayers cover Buddha statues with golden foil leaves to honor Buddha’s teachings and to get blessings. They believe if they have pain in a particular part of the body, they should stick the golden leaf on that part to eliminate pain.

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Temple Bangkok to see


The temple is open daily from 6 AM to 8 PM

You can combine a trip to Wat Hong Thong with a visit to a fisherman village with a lunch at seafood restaurant on the water – at Bangpu Recreation center (which will be covered in one of my next posts). Stay tuned and let’s be friends on Instagam or feel free to leave your email or say hi in a contact form.

If you have any other tips or information about this place, please share it in the comments! Let me know if you have been there or if you have added it to your bucket list.

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