International Woman’s day. Celebrating in Australia, Sydney.

International woman’s day is not so popular in Sydney yet, and it is not celebrating widely around Australia. But we are bringing our good traditions to Australia and hope this awesome day of a woman will be celebrating here too. We are making this world more beautiful  ❤

dinner with Tiffany

Going up to the 47th floor – so excited! ❤

(O Bar Sydney) looking forward to seeing a great panoramic view.

Obar Lift

Rooftop Bar Sydney  Bar Sydney rooftop

Best bars for a date in Sydney

Next surprise melted my heart! What a girl needs for a happiness ? )

girl who just received Tiffany

 ❤❤❤ Happy girls are the prettiest

Sydney anniversary best places

Wish all the girls and women will be happy like me that day not only for special occasions. Make happy your lovers every time you can ! and happiness and love will fulfil you I promise  ❤




( In this look: ASOS dress and bag, Banana republic cardigan)

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