17 tips to find and improve your Personal STYLE.


How to find, define and maintain your personal style? Here I summarize some of the recommendations of famous bloggers, designers and style icons and all those through my personal experience in order to help you to improve your style. Here are all the secrets, tips, tools and example you need to know working on your style.How to find your own style

Be stylish is not always easy and it takes some time and effort. It not necessarily have to be expensive, as far as now there are so many various options for any budget. Moreover, this effort is enjoyable and it brings lots of positive emotions and experience.

Tips for finding and defining your style:

– 1

As many famous fashion designers say, the ideal style for you is the clothes, in which you feel more self confident, comfortable and happy. No, it’s not your pj’s :) And no, it is more likely not your everyday shirt and jeans and the clothes that you are not sure how to match.

– 2

Find your ideal character, for example, from the movie, that you adore. Try to examine what is this person wearing and to find some particular elements in her/his clothes.

It can be a celebrity, but the majority of them are changing their style too quickly. Take, for example, lady gaga – a master of changes! In contrast, Dita Von Tease has got her particular feminine pin up style, that is saving her style preferences from year to year and she is an icon!

So try to find someone more o less  consistent with their style, who inspires you and who’s images you like.

Follow fashion blogger. Make sure you do not fall into a trend pitfalls. Lot’s of bloggers and brands are inventing various trends, that might not be suitable for everyone. And people who are blindly following all the trends are not always stylish.

Find a few persons, who’s looks you usually like,  think of what do you like in their looks and what they got similar in style. You can simply borrow those ideas and make your own picture of that.

– 3

Next, find a world famous brand / fashion designer with a particular style. You can often see that some brands have their personality, style and vision of the fashion image. Try to underline their particular features and spirit. For example, I like Guess woman adds – they are extremely feminine, hot, sexy, in a retro spirit.


Mood board is a tool that can help you.  Just make a board above your desk and pin there magazines cuts or collect pages cuts that inspire you at the special folder. The most modern, convenient and easy tool is the Pinterest.com where you can create one or few boards with the looks, clothes, style peaces, prints and any other images that inspire you. It will help you to keep your perfect picture organized in one place. Moreover, helps following someone’s ideas and perhaps to underline a particular style that you like.

Another tool for you – Polivore. Polyvore is a website, where everyone can create collages with matchable items. You can also create your own, browse and comment others, get involved in discussions.

finding your style Mood Board yellow color


– 4 –

There are lots of forums and special websites where you can ‘stitch’ a few clothes, shoes and accessories in one picture and see on an example how do they match. Other people can comment on your activity and give their opinions and advises.


Styles icons. How to be a style icon?

– 5 –

In case if you define what you like in particular, let’s say a pencil dress, simply search in google – how to wear a pencil skirt or whatever it is and you will find a huge amount of examples, including photos and videos. It will help you to mix and match your wardrobe items.

It is important to keep in mind your proportions, shapes and sizes. Try to find the fashion bloggers who are similar to you. Keep in mind that you are still particular and only one like that with your personal thoughts, ideas and soul, aren’t you?

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– 6 –

It is important to go shopping just observing and trying on the stuff. If you do not love it and it is a problem for you, you can ask your friend, to go shopping with you, because it is not easy to find everything at the store that might be good and match you. However, sometimes it can happen that your friend in really does not understand the style) and can even make your situation worse. So listen for an advise, but make sure that your decision is only yours.

Style Icon definition

– 7 – 

It is a good idea just to observe and try on lots of stuff. Take pictures in these clothes and then go home and make your decision in a few days. Do not worry, it is normal if you’ve tried on a half of the shop and did not buy anything. Just try and enjoy! You can always come back and buy it when you will be sure if you need it, feel happy, confident and comfortable in it or not.


– 8

You can also order clothes from any of the internet shops and even the whole ready look that they offer. If you are not sure about the dress or shoes that you want to order you can search for reviews on the internet on a particular item. Just google e.g. ‘Louboutin shoe review ‘, you will need the name of a shoe model or an item number.  Even if you do not like shopping and trying on clothes, just try to do it with a friend or with a different attitude, your favourite music and you will get more involved.

 – 9 –  

Do not try to follow all the trends, just get something trendy what you are sure that you like it and it is matching your style. If you saw something that you would like to buy immediately and you are not confident in shopping and your personal style it is always better to take a time out and thing twice. Current advertising and marketing are doing they work great and make people their victims, pushing us to the impulse buying. So, again, take a time out and think twice.

Style icon examples 10

Yes, style is how do you behave as well, so think of your habits and way how do you act, where do you go, what do you use to do. Try to describe yourself or ask your friends and family describe your character. It can help if you to underline some of your particularities if you are lost. 

 – 11 –  

Do not try to get change at one moment, usually, it takes time to understand if you feel good in a new dress or new style. It is a good idea start to change and play with your style with the base wardrobe must-haves such a white t-shirt, jeans, black pants, little black dress just adding some accessorize, scarf, a new jumper or any new colors. For looking stylish, it is often better to have a very simple look in one -2 colors with one right accent such as a good bag or/and shoes, lipstick.14 – Try to mix different styles to find your unique image. That is how sport chic style was born.

– 12 

Essential for stylish people to know where are you going, what are you going to do, what kind of event you are going to visit. And try to suit the event. You are probably not going to go to the Ball wearing hippy’s outfit.16 – The important thing – is to stay trimmed all the time. If you are not positioning yourself as a extreme punk style person, you need to have your nails and hairs at least neat or better done every time, clean and neat clothes.

– 13 –  

To create your personal unique style you can find and keep some details that you love. For example, Elton John and John Lenon are famous with their glasses, Pharell Williams loves hats, Audreydrey Hepburn with her asymmetrical fringe, pearl neckless and long black gloves and, of course, little black dress.

Pharel's style

Do you think it is helpful? Do you have your own tips or tricks? Who is your style icon?

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